Reinstall AREDN without going back to AirOS first

Sometimes a node will act up and the easiest thing to do to fix it is to reinstall the AREDN firmware. It can be a pain to reinstall the firmware because if you Reinstall AREDN Firmware over AREDN Firmware you end up with the same issues that you previously had. The other option is to install AirOS back over the AREDN firmware, and then reinstall The AREDN firmware again to give you a clean install. There is another option, You can SSH into your node and reset the node back to a fresh install state.

Keep in mind that SSH is not allowed on the Mesh network as it violates FCC rules for encryption. In this case, the node is connected to a home network and located about 100 feet away on a hill in a back yard. Being connected to the Home Network allows a legal method for using SSH to connect to the node.

Heres how to do it
1. Open Putty
2. set up the SSH connection with the IP address of the Node LAN port, and use port 2222
3. When prompted, Enter root as the username and the password that you use to access the nodes setup pages.
4. Type `firstboot` in the command line
5. Type `y` to accept resetting everything
6. Type `reboot -f` to take the changes after rebooting

At this point your node should restart to its stock AREDN configuration ready for you to set your Call sign, and add any services that you may want to install.

Thanks to Jeff N1SC for the step by step instructions on this process.