setting up your new node

Setting up your new Ubiquiti node for the first time can be time consuming, and confusing. I will try to make the process of Flashing your Ubiquiti gear over to AREDN as painless as possible.
There are a few things you want to download before getting started.
The AREDN U-Boot Program

The correct Firmware for your node

and possibly the stock ubiquiti firmware

Let me explain What each of these are for.  The AREDN U-Boot program is to test your node to make sure that you can safely upgrade your Firmware .

The Correct AREDN firmware for you node is What you will actually be uploading onto your node to convert it to AREDN from the Stock Ubiquiti OS.

The Ubiquiti Firmware may or may not be needed.  The AREDN Firmware will not install correctly if a Ubiquiti Firmware newer than 5.5.X.X is being used

after you have all of the files saved to your computer, you are going to want to set a static IP on your computer.  on a Windows machine, you can right click on your Network icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and select “Open Network and Sharing center”, you can also search for “Network and Sharing”.

You now need to click on “Change Adapter Settings”,  this will open the Network Connections page.  On the Network Connections page, double click on the Network connection that you are using to connect to the Node. You should see a screen pop up labeled Ethernet Properties.  In the middle of the page scroll down to “Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPV4)”, Click on it to highlight it, and then click Properties.

Click on “Use the following IP address”  and  “use the following  DNS Server Addresses” and give these settings.


At this point you can run the U-boot program to make sure that your node is compatible, and ready to upload the AREDN Firmware.  The steps here are pretty simple, you will first click on Ping in step one to be sure that you can see your Ubiquiti device on the network.  Step 2 should have all of the info automatically placed for you.  Step 3 is to run the test by clicking run.  you want to see “GOOD” in both boxes to the right.  if you see “BAD” in one of the boxes, the most common issue for supported devices, it is usually because your Firmware is not supported. you can download the supported firmware at ubiquiti firmware.


If you have “GOOD” in both boxes, you can move on to upgrading the firmware on your device. Start by pointing your web browser to and this should bring up the Ubiquiti login page.

You can now log into your device by using the default Ubiquiti log in info
User Name: ubnt
Password: ubnt
Select your country
select your language
check the “I agree to these terms of use”
click Login


It is now time to upload the new firmware to your node. If your current firmware is 5.5.x or older, you can now upload the AREDN firmware. If your current Ubiquiti firmware is newer than 5.5.x, you will first have to downgrade your firmware before loading the AREDN firmware. Make sure to leave your node plugged in the entire time it is installing the firmware.


At this point you need to reset your network configuration back to Automatically obtain an IP address. Right click on the network icon in your toolbar and open “Network and sharing center”, click on “Change adapter settings” on the left side of the menu. You should now see your wired Network adapter, right click on the icon and select “Properties”. once the Properties box opens, scroll down the list and select “Internet protocol version 4(tcp/IPV4)” and click on “Properties”. “Select an IP address automatically”, and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.

at this point it is sometimes needed to open a command prompt as an administrator, and run the commands
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
These commands will look for your network configuration and update the settings to put your computer on the Mesh network. This is not always needed, but its a handy tip in case you do need to.

At this point, all that is left is to point your web browser to localnode:8080 and configure your node.