Our goal for the Utah Mesh Networking group is to standardize, structure, and build the Mesh network throughout Utah.  By standardizing the way we set up and use the Mesh, more stations can connect to the network, building a stronger infrastructure with higher reliability in the area.

Over time we plan to expand not only the mesh network, We will be adding multiple services to the network.  An open FTP server for file sharing, an asterisk voip system, several chat clients, remote IP cameras,  and last but not least,a remote HF station for the users of the mesh network  that may have no other options for an HF station.

Some parts are being built, some will be purchased, and some have already been donated.  This undertaking is a group effort by the local community of Mesh Network users.  All of the funding for this project has come from donations from The local Mesh users.  There are still parts to purchase, and other minor expenses,  so I ask that if you have stumbled across this page, and want to help contribute to our efforts to expand the Mesh Network in Utah,  you can go to our Go Fund Me page to help out.